Moral Relativism is Nonsensical

If “the fundamental principles of right conduct” are not mere legalities, enactment, or custom, then they must be objective, for the obvious reason that if the standard for right conduct is subjective, then no such standard exists, not being a fundamental principle. Morality not only is not subjective, it cannot be subjective, because a subjective fundamental principle is both an oxymoron and an actual contradiction in terms.

Vox Day

One cannot be both a cultural relativist and a revolutionary. The revolutionary proposes changing the culture. A cultural relativist can never propose such a change. What standard could be used? A cultural relativist, were he honest, would hold his own culture to the same standards as a foreign culture, and say that our laws, traditions, and customs cannot be changed or criticized.

John C. Wright

Moral Relativism is merely a circular argument made in a vain attempt to escape one’s own conscience. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Fountain

In case anyone ever heard about this movie but was afraid to watch it because it didn’t make any sense…consider this a spoiler-free guide.

The Fountain‘ is one of those weird, profound movies that people tend not to like because they don’t understand what the heck is going on. Nevertheless, the film also happens to be an impressive work of art. It’s not only inspiring, but also makes sense if you know what to look for.

First of all, the general description of this film (as seen on Wikipedia, Amazon, etc.) is wrong. They say the movie is about three men who live in the year 1500, 2000, and 2500 AD. It’s not.

‘The Fountain’ is about one man. Continue reading