Hayao Miyazaki vs. the Horrific AI

Miyazaki’s comments in context.

Basically, some guys thought they could program an Artificial Intelligence to learn how to do human movements, and then teach it to draw pictures like a human being. Act like a human, think like a human, create human art. Admittedly an intriguing concept.

Instead, their AI “learned” how to create horrific behaviors that were an absolute mockery of human movement. “It’s walking on its face! Lol!!”

Instead of realizing that their AI was not very bright and had no concept of humanity whatsoever, the geeks instead chose to market this as a ‘success’ that still held great promise as a substitute for actual human art. They got schooled by Miyazaki, who said their AI was an offense to life itself.

“But this is just our experiment!!” one geek protested.

An experiment that they were trying to get Studio Ghibli to use in their own productions.

What is unforgivable was that they thought the results of their experiment were actually worth showing to freaking Hayao Miyazaki. But their AI can’t replicate human behavior. It can only produce a mockery of it. Their remark on zombie video games is just a feeble excuse to account for this failure. What’s more, given the type of spirit that Studio Ghibli nurtures in its own art, it’s not just stupid to market this kind of grotesque technology to them – it’s downright disrespectful.

Now, if you are fully submersed in the Post-Modern sewer called “art,” you might be thinking to yourself: “Well, this isn’t any worse than any of the other crap Hollywood is producing these days!”

True. When all that you know – or know how to produce – is a carbon copy devoid of human spirit, a retarded AI might look pretty creative in comparison.

Hollywood can’t produce actual human behavior; only a disturbing mockery of it. Post-Modernism wallows in suffering, sickliness and deformity for its own sake – because life itself in the Post-Modern world is suffering, sickness, and malformity. They are so utterly bored and unfulfilled by their very existence that they seek to drown themselves in depravity. The worse the depravity, the better, because it makes their own bleak lives seem that much sunnier by comparison. [Link to awful sculpture]

The difference between Post-Modernism and Miyazaki is that men like Miyazaki acknowledge sickness and suffering in their work, but do not rejoice in it. Suffering and sickness are tragedies to be overcome; battles for the human spirit; opportunities to realize what is truly great in life. Life at its core is good, joyful, and meaningful. Every one of Miyazaki’s works is suffused with a boundless joy and wonder – sure there are demons, witches and blob-monsters that try to thwart the protagonists, but they are enjoyed for the conflicts they provide, not for the sake of their own deformities.

Post-Modernism doesn’t do that. Modern horror, in particular, offers no hope for its protagonists, no ulterior purpose or meaning to what they face, and no hope of escape. Even when the protagonists do happen to win, their victory feels rather hollow. Great, so they managed not to die…there will probably just be another zombie apocalypse tomorrow.

Miyazaki: “Whoever creates this stuff has no idea what pain is whatsoever.”

It might be more accurate to say that the people who create this stuff don’t want to know what real pain is. They numb their lives as much as possible in order to drown out the implications of their own worldview.  Purpose is painful. Emotion is painful. Meaning is painful. To accept these things requires that you reject something else. Reject them, and you become Nothing. The more you become Nothing, the more numb your life becomes. The number your life becomes, the more appealing the Horrific AI becomes…because it’s one of the only ways you can feel anything at all.

Some people wonder why other people don’t like watching horror movies. …It’s because we don’t need to watch that stuff in order to feel that way.

Ironically, the more you enjoy things like the Horrific AI, the more you’re likely to think that maybe it would be better if humans were all wiped out by a machine master-race. You, by your own choice and admission, are a worthless human being. You may be able to do Anything (the sweet promise of Post-Modernism), but in order to do that, you must become Nothing. The more you become Nothing, the more you wish for annihilation.

That is why endeavors like the Horrific AI are an offense to life itself.

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One thought on “Hayao Miyazaki vs. the Horrific AI

  1. This is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. It reminded me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings, and not in a good way. AI cannot replace us. We have a uniqueness that can never be copied. I can see AI used as a tool to assist humanity, but not as a replacement or equal.

    Humanity should be our priority, and those who believe that we should all die disturb me. I have been told to my face by people that we should all die or that they themselves should die. Death is not funny, and I am enjoying my humanity on this side of the dirt. I wish that we could all see the value in our own lives and not try to replace what makes us special with creepy AI that crawls on the floor disturbingly.

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