Postmodernism is Cancer

Postmodernism: a big word for the West’s current miasma of mental, emotional, and spiritual bafflement.

From Infogalactic:

Postmodernism is typically defined by an attitude of skepticism, irony or distrust toward…notions of human nature, social progress, objective reality and morality, absolute truth, and reason.[4] Instead, it asserts that claims to knowledge and truth are products of social, historical or political discourses or interpretations… Accordingly, postmodern thought is broadly characterized by tendencies to epistemological and moral relativism

In other words, Postmodernism claims that reality isn’t really real. It’s all in your head, like the Matrix. If reality is all in your head, then it can be whatever you want it to be. Whatever you want to believe, is. Whatever you feel, is.

And then you get confused when other people act as if their feelings define reality. According to postmodernism, they do. According to everything you believe, they do. Because how else can anyone know anything about reality?

Unsurprisingly, this kind of thinking doesn’t tend to make for very good literature.

Postmodern Lit is Cancer:

The clue that Modernism was a dead-end can be found in its best products: As I Lay Dying, The Wasteland, Invisible Man, Heart of Darkness and The Aspern Papers are ALL, at heart, about how writing from a Modernist perspective is a pointless, disjointed exercise that renders a man insignificant. Wait for death, write or don’t…in the end Material Man is a Hollow Man. If even Modernist novels don’t like Modernist novels, you know you’ve chanced on a Very Bad Idea.

If you happen to be wondering why so much of modern ‘literature’ sucks, this is the major reason. If reality at heart is a nebulous indefinable mass, like quantum mechanics, how else are you supposed to portray it — either in paintings, sculptures, or in writing — except as a nebulous, indefinable mass? Considering this, it only makes sense that the writing samples given in the link above should be completely interchangeable with one-another. Postmodern writing is meant to be ingested as a hazy simulacrum of meaning — a cardboard imitation — because true meaning does not exist.

When considering all of this, the hardest question to ask is: If truth does not arise from radical doubt, then where does it come from?

The reason you do not wish to ask, is because another question inevitably follows: what demands might that truth make of us?

Modernism denied the validity of divine revelation as source of truth and placed all of its faith in the self-sufficiency of the human intellect. Postmodernism realized the failure of the Modernist project and reduced every question to a matter of raw will. What you’ve seen above is the inevitable result.


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