Wrathion and the Cthulhu Mythos

I just love stumbling upon tidbits like these! It’s so neat to see the inspirations artists take from classic material, and reincarnate old concepts in an eerily familiar, yet entirely new form.

Now, I have known for a while that WoW draws on ideas from the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, but I had no idea how far they’d went with it!

From the comments [Tyler Babcock]:

I was reading up on the Lovecraftian Mythos a while ago just to see the comparisons between the Old Gods and the Elder Gods. I came across the name Nyarlathotep (who I will refer to as Hotep henceforth for simplicity and clarity). The description of Hotep was intriguing. It is a vastly powerful entity with multiple different forms and avatars he uses to do his bidding, a lot of which is to further the cults and worship of the other Elder Gods, bolstering their power. As such, Hotep has many different names. One of which is The Creeping Darkness….I present that Ny’alotha is the name of the Void, the Creeping Darkness, and that the Void is not just a realm, but is also the Void Lord. Yes, THE Void Lord. That would explain why the void lord is unable to manifest in our realm. We always assumed that he was just too powerful to do so, but what if the reason he can’t manifest in our realm is that he is too massive? The Void is very likely larger than the corporeal realm that we inhabit. But Ny’alotha would likely still want direct influence in our realm…

That brings us to our next form, Hotep’s favorite manifestation, the one he garners the most results from: The Black Pharaoh. The Black Pharaoh is described to be a haughty Egyptian pharaoh wearing a brightly-colored cloak. That sounds awfully familiar. We should all remember a haughty royal with middle-eastern features offering brightly-colored cloaks from a previous expansion. He went by the moniker The Black Prince. Yes, Wrathion seems to fit the bill here. This also fits the bill for the origins if Wrathion is to be an avatar of Ny’alotha. N’Zoth was the cause of Deathwing’s corruption. Deathwing’s corruption is what lead us to attempt to cleanse a black dragon egg to preserve the flight and clear it of the old god corruption, and that “cleansed” egg yielded Wrathion…This gives Ny’alotha not only an avatar, but an incredibly well disguised avatar. He needs to be able to infiltrate our ranks if he is to be efficient with his corruption, and no one is going to trust a giant tentacle monster or a two headed bat, but what we will trust is something that we believe we have created, that we have cleansed of all old god taint. We would trust a dragon that we believe to be working towards the best fate for us and our planet. We would trust Wrathion.

This is one of those moments where one simply stares at the screen and whispers: “No. F**cking. Way.” This is incredible. I always thought Wrathion’s garb was super weird from the first time I saw him, because it didn’t match any particular Azerothian culture [WoW already has an Egyptian-style zone, Uldum, but Wrathion’s clothes don’t match theirs]. Now I know. It was intentional. It was not a superfluous detail, but a vital clue to the Black Prince’s identity.

That said, I am waiting in dread to see how WoW is going to mess up this story. It’s just too good to be true. After everything I’ve seen in the past few years, from the changing tone of the game (which one can see in the trailers and cinematics), to Blizzard’s dubious management decisions (trying to make the game more ‘popular’ by dumbing down the mechanics), to the sprouting of numerous girrrl-power NPCs and the re-writing of Illidan as “the Chosen One” (he’s just misunderstood!), I’m not so sure WoW isn’t already SJW converged and set to botch the meta-story they worked so hard to create.

And that would be a shame.

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